If you’re a millennial, it means you were born primarily between 1980 and the present.  For those born prior, living without a computer could still be imaginable, but for those younger than 38 years, not having a computer might be the end of the world.

As humans, we constantly adapt. We adapt to the weather, to our environment, people, changes in society and just about whatever comes our way. However, being so used to something like a computer, which nowadays does everything for you might be harder to recover from than we think. You can play games on it as well as learn your degree.

One of the biggest benefits computers provide us with is communication. It allows us to reach individuals all over the world which is not only ideal for connecting to friends and family but also form and maintain business relationships. In doing so, it also allows us to commute and conclude deals over online structures, such as email, Skype, LinkedIn, Websites, Cloud, online marketing, E-commerce, and more.

In today’s world, the most important thing we as human’s value is time. Working on a computer saves and an immense amount of time. Think about how many emails you send in just one day? Especially in business. If you didn’t have email, or more specifically the internet, you would have a great struggle in sending that important documentation, or something as simple as a meeting request, to someone on the other side of the world.

Computers, utilized as an information system

Apart from helping to streamline the management of organizations, such as banks, government, daily life, entertainment, education, administration, and schools, it is also used as a tool which is utilized for the development and constant growth of companies. It also serves as a data processor that processes documentation for us, without having to write everything down. Imagine if you had to write everything down again…


Computers for the trade industry

Thanks to computers, the world can now easily buy, order and sell almost anything online.  This is made possible with, once again, the internet. If it wasn’t for modern day technology, we would still be going to stores and stand hours in queues. Again, the internet and computer save time.

It’s important to remember that the benefits with E-commerce trading is not just for those who are too lazy to go to a store, or looking for everyday convenience, but right around the world in third world countries, computers also provide individuals with an educational tool and a means of inspiration. It also allows people to share ideas and create businesses, easily.

Computers have completely modified our lives and according to conducted research, and common sense, will continue to better the lives of many and add convenience in many aspects globally.