With the constant evolvement of computers, the internet and programming around the world, it is crucial to understand at least the basics of what’s taking place in the constant evolvement of technology. Even though you think programming might not benefit you in any way, it could potentially bring you value in many ways. Especially when utilized correctly.

For engineers, it is easy to understand the language of code or how to create a database, but what do you do when you’re not an engineer?  Do you constantly pay other to help you or just break your laptop and then pay them?

We thought so.

So, the first lesson. Java is not a cup of coffee…

  1. Let’s talk about Java

Noticeably one of the most popular programmings means online, Java is used to build server-side applications. These are ultimately then utilized for the development of mobile and game apps. It is also a provided foundation for Android apps. Starting as early as 1999, Java has been a great tool for some very creative minds.

  1. It’s Python

No, not the snake. It’s an application that provides a framework for everything, from data analysis to web applications. It is also considered as the most basic programming language to utilize. It includes a simple syntax. Due to Google investing in Python, it has successfully created applications such as Instagram and Pinterest.

  1. C

C is one of the first programming language taught to those wanting to learn to programme.

  1. Ruby

As a big supplier of web apps, Ruby is a favorite amongst programmers. It’s a very straightforward application and provides knowledge which is in high demand these days.

  1. JavaScript

JavaScript is a common programming application. It provides developers with tools which helps them add elements to their given websites.

  1. C#

Pronounced as C-sharp, this app is used for the development of Microsoft apps. It is almost identical to Java.

  1. PHP

Recognized as an application which is used accordingly with dynamic data-heavy application developments and websites, PHP provided power to applications such as Facebook and WordPress. All it requires is embedding a code within HTML, which is learnable.

  1. Objective C

This application is a programming language that developed apps such as Apple’s new language, iOS. Objective C is becoming more and more popular with the further development of iPhones, iPads and the Apple store.

  1. SQL

As a database query language, it works with big amounts of data. It helps you interact with data from databases and is an ever-growing software development that is utilized by other programming sites.

  1. C

Now, you might start to wonder, what is it with the letter C and what made it more worthy of being the name of some of the best programming languages over A and B? Whatever it might be, it’s working. ‘C’ on its own, is a predecessor to even more complexed programming languages. These include C# and Java. It is used in conjunction with embedded systems, as well as a programming academic language.